Two quotes, along with the readings they are referenced from are provided below.

Two quotes, along with the readings they are referenced from are provided below. Conduct an exegesis (critical explanation and interpretation of a text) on each of these quotes.
Quote #1 – Cohn:
“Reducing functionality by simply turning off technologies may be a fine short-term response, but in the long term, the internet becomes a less welcoming and useful space for people of colour and women.”
Quote #2 – Groen:
“Yet [algorithms are] only as clever as the data they’re trained, which means that our limitations — our biases, our blind spots, our inattention — become theirs as well.”

How We Made AI As Racist and Sexist As Humans

Step 1:
Place the quote in the context of the reading it is referenced from as a whole. What role does it play within the reading — what specific idea and/or issue does it help us focus on? Why is this idea and/or issue important for the reading’s overall argument?
Step 2:
Discuss how this quote relates to other relevant readings (linked below and attached in files). How does this quote help us look more carefully at a particular communication and media studies problem addressed in the other readings you have selected? What does it add to the perspective(s) found in these other readings, and why is this addition significant?
Step 3:
Come up with one research question we could ask by drawing on this quote. Why is this research question worth investigating? How will it encourage us to think more critically about the idea(s) and/or issue(s) you identified in steps 1 and 2?
Complete steps 1-3 again with the second quote.
The exegesis’ of each quote will occupy two pages each.
Use at least two of the provided sources for each exegesis.
In total there will be six references; the original readings that the quotes are referenced from (2), the readings referenced for the exegesis (4).
I have included a list of various readings (below links and attached files) to choose from. Only these sources are to be referenced in the paper, no additional sources are to be used.

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How We Made AI As Racist and Sexist As Humans

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